Project Outputs

Over the course of Literature and the Face: A Critical History, some of our expected outputs include:

  • 1 x scholarly monograph
  • 5-6 x articles or book chapters (various)
  • Interactive Digital Humanities exhibits 
  • Postdoctoral workshops and training
  • Conference papers, panels, and other academic presentations.

We list some of our peer-reviewed publications here. 

You can read about our past and upcoming talks and presentations here. 

Media and general interest

Although our primary scholarly focus is literary texts, our project has broad reach and interest into a range of areas including psychology, medical humanities, visual arts, cinema, and technology fields such as facial-recognition technology. 

We aim to discuss our research in the media, contribute to public interest articles and be involved in talks and events related to our project. 

Below are some of our media and general interest outputs:

Sumner, Tyne. ‘What does Literature tell us about the human face? (ABC Radio Evenings, June 2021)

Sumner, Tyne. ‘How Literature helps us interpret the human face.’ Pursuit (2021)

Sumner, Tyne. ‘Always in Focus: Facial-recognition technology, optics and resistance in political unrest.‘ Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Ethics (CAIDE) (2021)