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Welcome to the blog of Literature and the Face: A Critical History!
We are a research team based at the University of Melbourne
and the University of Geneva.  

Our project aims to chart and analyse the representation of the human face in literary texts from the medieval to the contemporary era. It expects to generate comprehensive new knowledge about changing literary and textual discourses about the face by combining rhetorical analysis, the insights of cognitive literary theory, and digital methodologies. 

Jane Austen, Emma (cover image)

This blog will cover our progress on the project over the next three years. We will share interesting updates about our research, as well as observations and insights from key texts and source material. We’ll feature guest posts from researchers working on topics related to our project as well as interviews, creative writing, event and workshop summaries, reflections and literary analysis.  

Our blog is aimed at anyone interested in the textual, social, cultural, artistic, visual, cinematic, ethical or political history of the face, gesture and emotion. We welcome readers from academia as well as other fields and want to engage with fields as diverse as the visual arts and cinema through to psychology and the Medical Humanities. We also welcome readers from technical and scientific fields that intersect with the history of the face such as Artificial Intelligence and facial-recognition technology.   

Take a look around our site and we can’t wait to connect with you!  

Stephanie, Guillemette, Joe & Tyne